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Monday, September 22, 2014

Police is your friend by timmy Jones


A ticket doesn't solve the situation he said !

 An officer pulled over a car because a 5 year old girl, inside the car wasn't secured in a BOOSTER seat.

 The girl's mother, who was riding with a friend , explained to the officer that she had fallen on a hard time and couldn't afford a seat for a daughter.

 so instead of given the woman a ticket , the officer bought her a new booster seat .

What a beautiful world of a police officer's we have around.



22 sep 14 @ 4:18 am          Comments

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Belgians got homour



Foreigners are quickly to conclude that locals of a country are identical, sometimes is not best to judge a book by it cover. 

Last week, I went to Albert Heijn to buy some baby food. I had to give that baby food to a single mother as a support from mixed generation, at the counter I was told, I couldn't buy more than two. 

I was furious and demanded I wanted to speak to the manager, when the manager came he said that was true, I can only buy two packs. I asked him so if I go to my car; and come back for more two is that ok? He said no. 

Ok what about if i go to another Albert heijn to buy another two, they wouldn't stop me, i guess? He was speechless, later I told him, this food was to help support a family, that needs help. 

Next week, I will be too engaged to come to buy more foods, because I will be helping to stage the best sporting events for special athletes, and I won't have time to buy those foods afterwards, so please save my time. 

He still said no, so I left and went to my car, a lady who perhaps heard the conversation ran toward me and said; I don't mind going back to buy you two more baby foods? So I gave her money, and she left her shopping with me. 

It took another 15mins before she came back, with two more baby foods. I wasted her time, but said thanks. 

When she was leaving, she said I believed you, and said we need people like you in this country. 


Belgians got humour for real. 


Yours Sincerely , 

Timmy Jones.   



21 sep 14 @ 8:35 am          Comments

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